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Powder Coating versus Polyurea Spray Coating

While powder coating is often a more durable alternative to traditional paint, it can quickly fade and degrade from daily wear and tear, debris, and exposure. All it takes is one chip or crack, and the coating can peel away like an eggshell. Once damaged, powder coating cannot be repaired using the same application methods or to the preferred level of protection.

One of the unique properties of polyurea is that it can be elongated up to twice its original size without cracking or tearing. In comparison, a powder coat is more rigid. It does not have comparable levels of elasticity, so dents and impacts typically result in flakes or chips - exposing the substrate to water and chemicals.

  • Increased Elongation/Flexibility
  • More durable
  • 15 times stronger than powder coat
  • Chemical and corrosion-resistant
  • Quicker return to service - no oven or bake time
  • Faster cure time - sets in 45 secs
  • Tack free in 3-6 minutes
  • No VOCs
  • More resistant to impact and abrasion
  • UV stable
  • Easy to repair
  • Can be sprayed smooth or with a textured finish
  • Thin-build polyurea options for tight clearances

NEW from Ultimate Linings: XP-496 Peelable Coating

XP-496 is Ultimate Lining’s new innovative peelable coating product. Over two years of research and development went into this new polyurea coating. It is used to protect products from damage during shipping of the product and installation of the product. The XP-496’s protective coating is easily peeled off once the product installation is complete.

Typical Uses - Fiberglass, FRP, plastics, decorative finishes, automotive finishes, ceramic, gel coat, bath and shower fixtures, appliances, overspray protection, polished alloys, and chrome finishes.

  • Thick film, flexible, high pressure, fast set polyurea system
  • Uses the same machines and equipment as all other high-pressure dual component polyuria coating systems
  • Intended to be used as a sacrificial/temporary peelable protective coating on a variety of non-porous substrates and finishes
  • Peelable on fiberglass, gel coat, automotive clear coat, plastics, ceramics, decorative finishes, polished alloys, powder coat, and similar.
  • Protects assets against abrasion, chipping, scratches, overspray, chemicals, impact, job site damage, and shipping damage.
  • Application thickness 20-120 mils
  • Tack free: ~15 seconds

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