Low Pressure Equipment

Spray Gun

The dual cartridge spray gun is pneumatically driven and is designed to dispense the 1:1 100% solids QWIK LINER® coatings held in disposable cartridges.


Sharpe Desiccant Dryer

Sharpe's DRYAIRE Desiccant Air Drying System is the Ultimate in air filtering technology. This 3-Stage System is the sprayer's insurance for removing dirt, water, oil and uncondensed moisture from the shop's compressed air lines.


Cup Brush (Singles)

The perfect tool for sanding truck beds before applying a spray on bed liner. The 5" cup brush utilizes nylon filaments that are impregnated with silicon carbide, a chemical compound that forms an extremely hard, iridescent crystal. Silicon carbide has a very fast cutting speed greatly reducing prep time. Sand up to 35 truck beds with one cup brush,


Sander Polisher, 7" Chicago

The Chicago variable speed sander/polisher is the perfect tool for preparing surfaces to be sprayed when utilizing the 5" Cup Brush. The finger trigger and variable speed thumb wheel allow the operator to easily maintain a constant rpm. Extend the life of your 5" Cup Brush by utilizing this feature to keep the brush in the optimum operating range (500 - 1000 rpm).