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5 Ways Industrial Coatings Benefit The Construction Industry

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5 Ways Industrial Coatings Benefit The Construction Industry

When it comes to utilizing our industrial coatings, there are countless beneficial applications for our products. In fact, there are numerous industries who turn to us for polyurea coating systems. From marine applications to oil and gas uses, our coatings can be applied to a variety of materials, creating a protective layer that offers improved durability for the material beneath.

One industry that sees a wide array of uses for our products is the construction industry. For those working in this field, the applications of our products are almost endless. From simple and small solutions, such as added protection for toolboxes to much bigger applications, such as coating an entire parking lot, we provide unique industrial coating solutions for a variety of construction needs.

Check out the following five ways our industrial coatings could benefit your next construction project and reach out at any point to learn more about how we can tailor make a solution for your specific needs.


In the construction industry, creating a safe and efficient job site is a must. From the use of ladders and scaffolding to the toolboxes toted around the job site, ensuring everything is running smoothly makes all the difference. One way that our industrial coatings can be implemented in the world of construction is in improving safety and protection on the job site.

You can add our industrial coatings to ladders and any area where solid footing is a must. The coating will not only protect the material it is applied to but it will also create an anti-slip surface. This can help keep everyone moving quickly at your job site with a decreased risk of falls.

Not only that, but you can apply our coatings to tool boxes and truck beds that see a lot of wear and tear. This will help keep the items protected from corrosion and abrasion. This allows everyone to work effectively without worrying about a jagged hole in a toolbox or a weakened trailer bed.


Whether you are building in a hot or a cold climate, proper insulation on any new build is key. Good insulation ensures that when the building is occupied, less energy will be needed to ensure comfort. One of the best ways possible to insulate a building is with polyurethane foam insulation. This form of insulation has a tremendous R-value, which means that it will provide extreme energy-efficiency when compared to traditional fiberglass insulation.

Not only will it offer incredible insulation, but polyurethane foam is an environmentally safe product. It will last for decades without deteriorating and is simple to apply. Through a quick spray-on process, you can drastically increase the value of your new build without getting off schedule. This makes it a great choice for any build, whether residential or commercial.


From a small residential driveway to a large commercial parking lot, if your construction project involves pouring concrete or constructing another parking area, it is worth considering the addition of a protective coating. Our industrial coatings can help these large surface areas last for longer with less maintenance needed.

A protective industrial coating can guard a parking lot or driveway against many of the common damages that occur. Check out a few of the ways this coating can seal a parking area:

  • Abrasion: From tires to foot traffic, any parking area or driveway will undergo a large amount of abrasive force. An industrial coating can protect against this.
  • Corrosion: Vehicles are notorious for leaking chemicals and fluids on the ground. This can lead to corrosion over time. An industrial coating offers corrosion resistance, even against the toughest chemicals.
  • Weather: Mother nature can pack a punch. Protect driveways and parking lots from ice, rain, and all the weather brings with an impenetrable coating.


When it comes to taking the brunt of weathering, the roof of any building is the first line of defense. Having a properly sealed roof is a vital part of finishing a build. Commercial roofs, in particular, can benefit greatly from the addition of an industrial coating. This coating will ensure that the roof is protected against the elements, as well as improve the energy efficiency of the building by trapping conditioned air inside.

The coatings we have designed at Ultimate Linings are extremely cost-effective and will leave behind a waterproof, UV-stable barrier. They can conform to any roof shape, size, or slope. They will add a protective seal to corners and cracks on existing roofing systems and guard against leaks. For this reason, an industrial coating makes a great choice for ensuring the life of a new or old roof.


Finally, our coatings can be utilized in the construction industry for waterproofing foundations. Water is notorious for causing a large amount of damage to foundations. Adding a protective layer that makes a building’s foundation water-resistant is a great way to ensure the longevity of a building. After all, what could be more important that having a solid and protected foundation at the base of any build?

If you are interested in learning more about the myriad of applications for our industrial coatings in the construction industry, we invite you to reach out to our team right away. We will be happy to assess your specific needs and come up with the ideal solution for your next construction project. When you work with our team at Ultimate Linings, you will receive only the very best in both service and product.