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multiple pipes with protective coatings

Steel & Metal Coatings

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Coatings for Metal

Polyurea Steel and Metal Coatings

Ultimate Linings’ coatings for steel and metal surfaces are environmentally friendly and offer a fast-setting protective coating. Ultimate Linings spray-on coatings are tough and durable; our steel coating systems provide significant advantages over paint and other coatings. Steel and metal examples for polyurea coating include tanks (above and below ground), pipelines, girders, poles, pilings, stairs & handrails, production racks, wind turbines, outdoor benches, communication towers, signposts, light posts, waste dumpsters, storage tanks, and boilers.

Polyurethane and polyurea protective steel coatings can be used in applications such as water tank lining, coatings for steel pipes, truck beds, and underbodies.

worker measuring polyurea for steel application