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workers polyurea spraying domed roof

UL Coatings Solutions

Ultimate Linings provide superior coating systems, first-class technical support and customer service.
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UL Coatings Solutions

Ultimate Linings is the world leader in developing, researching, and manufacturing polyurea coatings.

We are experts in the spray application methods to apply polyurea coatings – one of the most versatile, long-lasting, and durable protective coatings used today.  Explore the many properties and benefits that Ultimate Lining coating solutions provide for companies worldwide.

corrosion control image

Corrosion Prevention

Ultimate Linings coatings create an impenetrable barrier between your valuable equipment and high humidity, saltwater, and extreme temperature changes
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specialists applying polyurea coating to rooftop

Waterproof Coatings

One of Ultimate Linings coating’s main application fields is waterproofing of roofs, terraces, bridges, tunnels, tanks, swimming pools and much more
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man conducting polyurea impact test on concrete

Impact and Wear Protection

Ultimate Linings coating is popular because of its impact resistance and other mechanical properties. Polyurea provides abrasion protection in mining and construction equipment
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Impact and Wear test in laboratory

Coatings for Metal

Ultimate Linings’ coatings for steel and metal surfaces are environmentally friendly and offer a fast-setting protective coating. Easy to spray, tough and durable, our steel coating systems offer significant advantages over paint and other coatings…
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chemical resistant layer on concrete

Chemical Resistance

Ultimate Linings coatings provide superior chemical resistance to many acids, hydrocarbons, alcohols, and industrial liquids. Companies utilize our polyurea coatings for protective lining and coating of their assets to protect them from chemicals…
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Concrete Waterproofing by Ultimate Linings

Concrete Protection

Ultimate Linings’ broad window of application techniques, along with a high tolerance for humidity, both from the environment and from the concrete substrates and from temperature variations…
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hard coatings cross-section

EPS Hard Coating

Ultimate Linings Polyurea coatings are a perfect solution for hard-coating Expanded Polystrene (EPS) and foam. UL Polyurea creates a tough exterior in seconds, protecting fragile EPS and foam items from damage….
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antimicrobial thumbnail

Antimicrobial Coatings

Ultimate Linings can add an antimicrobial coating to aid in the fight against these bacterial invasions. They have been tested to ISO standards and have proved to reduce up to 99.9% of bacteria in just two hours…
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geotextile foundation on site

Pre-sprayed Geotextiles

At Ultimate Linings, we provide state-of-the-art pre-sprayed polyurea geotextiles that are guaranteed to deliver the highest quality secondary containment against leaks and spills. Our precise robotic application process minimizes labor and waste, making our pre-sprayed rolls a cost-effective answer for your secondary containment needs…
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