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Marine Coatings

Ultimate Linings provide superior coating systems, first-class technical support and customer service.

Protect Your Boat, Marina, And More With Ultimate Linings

Boats, flotation devices, marinas, and piers are prone to corrosion and abrasion at the hands of sea, sun, salt, and normal wear-and-tear. Keep marine equipment protected with durable spray-on polyurea coatings and polyurethane foam solutions. Talk to the experts at Ultimate Linings—and let us find the marine application protection you need.

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Ultimate Linings Offers Watertight Polyurea Coatings

Our polyurea coatings are ideal for numerous applications, including:

  • Boats

  • Floatation Devices

  • Submersible Devices

  • Marinas

  • Wharves

Ultimate Linings Marine Coatings

Recreational Watercraft Protection

Boats are an owner’s pride and joy—something they anticipate will last for decades. But saltwater, extreme temperatures, and high humidity can all lead to corrosion, rust, and leaks. Frequent repainting, surface repairs, and rust removal can all be avoided with spray-on polyurea protective coatings from Ultimate Linings. Our industry-leading Ultimate Linings polyurea solutions for boat sealing and protection provide a slip-proof, weather-resistant, watertight seal that won’t crack, split, or peel — even under the harshest conditions. We’ve specially designed our formulas to reduce surface heat while offering superior durability, stability, and UV protection. Fast-curing and spray-on, our coatings are also easy to apply. To shield boats from harsh marine environments — and keep them looking brand new for years — talk with our experts today

Ultimate Linings Marine Coatings on boat

Protective Solutions For Flotation Devices

Flotation devices are at constant risk of corrosion and abrasion from unforgiving marine conditions — leading to frequent and costly replacements. Preserve flotation devices with long-lasting, environmentally-friendly polyurea coatings. Ultimate Linings’ seamless, elastomeric polyurea solutions offer a durable, watertight seal against corrosive saltwater, so no one’s stuck risking their safety with a patch kit or buying a new product. They contain no VOCs, and our chemical compositions adhere to the most stringent environmental regulations.

Coast Guard Approved Foam: Keep boats, floats, and buoys strong and serviceable with ASTM-tested, Coast Guard-approved foam from Ultimate Linings. Our specially designed chemical composition is a two-pound, fire-retardant foam that meets rigorous federal standards for water absorption and fuel, fuel vapor, bilge cleaner, and oil resistance. For manufacturers who need long-lasting, Coast Guard-approved foam for their marine applications, the professionals at Ultimate Linings have the answer.

Keep flotation devices safe and in service for longer with cost-effective, spray-on, and foam polyurea protection.

Ultimate Linings - Marine Coatings

Protection For Marinas & Wharfs

Saltwater, extreme temperatures, and forceful impacts can cause marinas and wharves to rust and deteriorate — resulting in costly repairs. Prevent corrosion, stop abrasion, and keep your marinas and docks stronger and longer with spray-on polyurea coatings from Ultimate Linings. Our industry-leading coatings create a watertight barrier that offers guaranteed slip-resistance and UV protection. Ultimate Linings’ fast application technology minimizes downtime to deliver a strong, flexible protective layer that’s cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting.

Let our polyurea professionals find the right solution for you to keep your marinas and wharves protected against the harshest elements and look new for years.

Ultimate Linings - Marine Coatings

On-Site Service & Unmatched Support

Whether your spray-on polyurea needs call for turnkey readiness, robotic integrations, on-site repairs, or a system that doesn’t yet exist, the professionals at Ultimate Linings will deliver. Solve industrial and manufacturing problems, improve productivity, safety, and quality, and receive industry-leading support and service. Contact us today.

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Our team is ready to help you find the best ways to protect the marine equipment you rely on daily.

Our coatings have been used in various industries, including the military, automotive, and construction sectors. Ultimate Linings is the only name you can always count on when you need trusted, proven spray-on protective coatings.

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