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technician applying polyurea to concrete

Polyurea Coatings

Ultimate Linings provide superior coating systems, first-class technical support and customer service.
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Polyurea Coatings

Ultimate Linings is the leading supplier of polyurea coatings.

Ultimate Linings provide complete coating solutions and superior product support. From the polyurea formulation to the final application, UL has the expertise to guide the customer to a successful coating. With many polyurea formulations in the UL portfolio, we are confident we have the right solution for your high-performance coating requirements. Our range of pure polyurea is designed for water tanks, roofing, high-wear & high-impact areas, and so much more.

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Coatings by Ultimate Linings are specifically manufactured to succeed in demanding environments where traditional coatings often fail. Ultimate Linings have the expertise to work with our customers to provide the most advanced coating solutions to solve the customer’s requirements. Our in-house lab can formulate new coating systems for extra-demanding projects.

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exterior application of polyurea on building


UL hybrid polyurea formulations are fast-curing, impact-resistant, and very versatile.

Much like UL pure polyurea formulations, our hybrid materials are utilized across many industry sectors, including EPS hard-coating, truck-bed, and van cargo lining and metal fabrication.

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technician applying polyurea to factory roof


Polyaspartics derives from the family of polyurea. Aliphatic (UV color stable) polyureas are often referred to as polyaspartics. Ultimate Linings polyaspartic formulations are used as alternatives to epoxy and polyurethane coatings.

Polyaspartic applications have been formulated to provide the key benefits of polyurea, such as high tensile strength, chemical resistance, and elongation, but with the added advantage of an aesthetically pleasing, UV stable, stain-resistant finish. Polyaspartics are suitable for concrete patios, garage floors, industrial flooring, and wet rooms. Just like the polyurea family of chemicals, our polyaspartics have no VOCs or CFCs.

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aspart-x samples