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geotextile containment foundation


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Pre-sprayed Geotextiles

Prespray Geotextile – Primary & Secondary Containment


Safeguard your facility or job site—and the environment—from chemical leaks and spills with a durable, reliable secondary containment system. At Ultimate Linings, we provide state-of-the-art pre-sprayed polyurea geotextiles that are guaranteed to deliver the highest quality secondary containment against leaks and spills. Our precise robotic application process minimizes labor and waste, making our pre-sprayed rolls a cost-effective answer for your secondary containment needs. And because we pre-spray our rolls in-house, installation at your site is quick and efficient. To experience minimal downtime and maximum protection, talk to us today.

Benefits of Presprayed Geotextiles

  • Superior Chemical Leak and Spill Containment
  • Fast Installation with Mobile Pre Sprayed Rolls
  • Quick Solution for Any Job Site
  • Affordable Secondary Containment Systems