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Eps Foam Designers & Builders

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Eps Foam Designers & Builders

Superior Hard Coatings For Expanded Polystyrene And Foam

Ultimate Linings Polyurea coatings are a perfect solution for hard-coating Expanded Polystrene (EPS) and foam. UL Polyurea creates a tough exterior in seconds, protecting fragile EPS and foam items from damage. The UL polyurea coating can easily be painted. UL Polyureas are incredibly durable, can be applied quickly, and set in seconds.

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An essential part of landscaping is the hardscaping elements of a design and installation. Hardscaping includes a landscaping project’s pavement, stones, gravel, edging, and wood. Creating waterfalls next to pools or having large boulders prominently placed makes for striking hardscape elements but can be difficult and expensive to install, sometimes requiring heavy machinery to move.

Before and After EPS

Advantages of ESP foam rock and boulder are:

  • The ESP foam can be cut to the exact shape and size needed before applying the polyurea spray coating.
  • The lightweight installation eliminates settlement over time.
  • Installation can be placed by hand.
EPS Rocks

Another use of ESP foam is by custom scenic and themed environment design and fabrication companies. These companies create large-scale, high-impact, three-dimensional features. The 3-D creations made from ESP foam and coated with a polyurea protective barrier are used in trade show exhibits, theme parks, museums, experiential marketing events, retail stores, and many other environments.

These ESP Foam Designers & Building companies rely on Ultimate Linings when they need a hard polyurea coating that will protect their stunning creations for years.

EPS Big Hard Coating

We are always happy to hear about your unique situation so we can help you determine the ideal polyurea protective coating solution to extend the life of your creations. Fill out our contact form, and we will be in touch to learn about your business and how Ultimate Linings can help.

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