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polyurea impact protection test

Impact And Wear Protection

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Impact and Wear Protection

Polyurea Impact And Wear Protection

Ultimate Linings coating is popular because of its impact resistance and extends the life of both equipment and products from wear and tear. Polyurea provides abrasion protection in mining and construction equipment and lining dumpers used for abrasive materials such as coal and metallic ores. It protects conveyors and rollers of conveyor systems that transport abrasive coal, large rocks, and metallic ores. It is also used for bed liners for large commercial vehicles and material handling trucks.

Ultimate Linings polyurea is one of the most robust and durable protective coatings available for interior and exterior applications where impact and wear protection are needed. The polyurea coating also reduces friction, significantly reducing the wearing and tear of moving parts.

technician applying polyurea to trailer exterior