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Ultimate Linings provide superior coating systems, first-class technical support and customer service.

Ultimate Linings Has More Than 55 Years Of Combined Polyurea Protective Coating Industry Experience

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Protective Coatings For Armored Vehicles

From scorching deserts to blistering tundras, armored military vehicles are sent into combat in some of the most extreme environments in the world. Ultimate Linings protective coatings safeguard armored vehicles — and their dedicated passengers — from the demanding daily requirements of military use.

Ultimate Linings spray-on application provides high-performing, blast-mitigating protection for everything from Humvees to launch trailers. Our advanced chemical formula decreases cabin temperature, reduces corrosion and abrasion, and creates a slip-proof grip that allows military personnel to board and exit safely. Together, we’ll find a customized coating solution to protect your armored vehicles.


Coating Solutions To Protect Against Ballistics

Protect the most valuable military assets from devastating destruction at the hands of bullets, mortars, rockets, bombs, and other ballistics with spray-on polyurea. Ultimate Linings is specially engineered to reduce the effects of ballistic attacks—absorbing shrapnel and providing unparalleled protection for military equipment, buildings, and personnel.

During a ballistic attack, most severe injuries occur, and many lives are lost due to ballistic fragmentation or spalling. UL polyurea mitigates this problem by encapsulating the fragments, which will remain trapped in the UL material, posing no secondary damage. Ultimate Linings can be sprayed over virtually any surface hard enough to cause a projectile spalling, such as aluminum, ceramic, or steel.


Coatings To Protect Defense Outposts

The Ultimate Linings coating is a high-performance, Energy Resistant Coating (ERC) used for nearly 20 years in many defense applications.

The Ultimate Linings coating protects personnel from the fragmentation effects of a bomb blast. Blast testing shows that our Polyurea can contain concrete fragmentation and debris, which may cause serious injury during a blast event. The blast-mitigation coating is also used on ballistic armor to keep bullet fragments from spalling and causing secondary injuries.


Coatings Solutions For Blast Mitigation

Ultimate Linings offers a revolutionary development in blast mitigation. Known in military and research circles as an Energy Resistant Coating (ERC), the UL polyurea coating is incredibly strong yet flexible enough to bend with the substrate. This means that walls outfitted with UL material can withstand explosions up to 20 times greater than a regular, uncoated wall. In the event of a blast, the polyurea-coated walls flex but stay together.


Protective Coatings For Armored Vests

Armored vests protect the heart and souls of those dedicated men and women serving our country  – providing them with an extra layer of defense against bullets, shrapnel, and other ballistics with Ultimate Linings polyurea protective coatings. UL Polyurea is specially engineered to mitigate the devastating effects of ballistic fragmentation by trapping spalling fragments and preventing further destruction.

Our advanced spray-on application technology allows the Ultimate Linings coating to apply to an armored vest’s ballistic plates easily. And since UL polyurea cures quickly, those vests will be back in service quickly.


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Our coatings have been used in various industries, including the military, automotive, and construction sectors. Ultimate Linings is the only name you can always count on when you need trusted, proven spray-on protective coatings.

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