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Ultimate Linings, LLC. is a privately held company with company headquarters, a state-of-the-art chemical manufacturing plant, an R&D laboratory, and a distribution facility in Lebanon, Tennessee.

Ultimate Linings

We have helped thousands of companies setup the right spray coating application that improved their products and extend the life of their equipment investment. Whether your spray-on polyurea needs call for turnkey readiness, robotic integrations, on-site repairs, or a system that doesn’t yet exist, the professionals at Ultimate Linings will support your operations. With over 30 years of polyurea experience, our in-house R&D and testing facilities give us the power to customize the ideal solution for each client’s specific needs.

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Who We Are

Nearly three decades ago, Ultimate Linings was founded on serving the Automotive Industry’s need for high quality bedliner material and systems. Initially serving only local spray shops, we quickly gained industry approval and have since developed into a global leader.

technician applying polyurea to concrete


In 1998, we introduced the XtremeLiners High Pressure Systems brand. The versatile and durable high pressure liners are engineered to create an impenetrable barrier that protects more than just a truck bed.

In 2005, we expanded our product line and developed the QwikLiner Dual Cartridge System. QwikLiner is the perfect solution to a professional grade application where an anti-skid, permanent abrasion-resistant protection is necessary. In 2016, we perfected our chemistry to launch the advanced Aliphatic QwikLiner color-stable material.

In 2009, we established exclusive partnerships with many OEM giants. Our ability to work closely with the OEM engineers and listen to the customers’ wants and needs has allowed us to pass the stringent testing requirements to develop successful programs with our OEM partners.

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International Distribution and Application Network

We specialize in polyurethane systems, protective coatings, and application technology, spraying over five million applications to date. We currently operate globally with applicators in the United States and 30 other countries worldwide.

Meet Our Executive Team

Rusty Carter is Appointed President of Ultimate Linings

Rusty Carter


terry pe

Terry Pe

Senior Vice President, Product Development

marcus hamilton

Marcus Hamilton

Chief Financial Officer