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spraying polyurea on a factory roof

Enhance Your Roof Installations And Repairs With Ultimate Linings

Ultimate Linings provide superior coating systems, first-class technical support and customer service.

Industrial Protective Coatings with Maximum Protection

With Applications for Construction, Utility, Pole, Waste, and Water Sectors

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As a roofing specialist, you take pride in the quality of your work. Contractors and technicians must provide the highest quality to their projects to help keep clients and their properties safe from wind and rain. Minor mistakes can later grow into costly issues, causing considerable damage to already established reputations. You know you do great work, but will your new or repaired roof be protected for the long haul?

Ultimate Linings offers polyurea coatings and spray-on polyurethane foam products to help professionals generate the best results. Our protective coating will work hard to retain the integrity of your hard work, providing the highest level of protection through rain or shine.

Read more to learn about the value of our polyurea coatings for roof repair and installation applications, and be sure to contact us if you’re ready to get started!

polyurea sprayed roof

The Benefits Of Protective Coatings For Roof Systems

At Ultimate Linings, we strive to provide versatile seal-coating sprays and expanding polyurethane foams to protect commercial and residential roofs from the worst elements. A few simple benefits associated with our protective coatings to help you and your customers include:

  • UV resistance — Protective coatings can help to defend from the sun’s harmful rays, providing better temperature control and resisting fading for a lasting shine.
  • Sealed protection — The molecular bonding of polyurea sprays helps to keep moisture out, preventing water from getting through and keeping mold away.
  • Robust coatings — A protective coating can help to protect old roofs from further damage, resisting decay, dents and scratches, and more.
  • Seamless results — A polyurea application can help to create a more cohesive surface, protecting shingled roofs from being ripped up due to high winds.
Ultimate Lining application on a Roof

Enhance Your Services With Ultimate Linings

Suppose you’re a small business owner in need of extra protection for a client’s restoration, or you’re a contractor in charge of finishing a large facility such as a school or warehouse. In that case, it pays to find suitable materials to protect your work and create the highest satisfaction from your services. Clients will love the energy-efficient results of their spray-on polyurethane foam installations, as this insulation keeps the elements out while keeping the treated air in.

We also offer protective coatings for the exterior of your roof elements, providing ideal results across various materials. Clients will love the long-term beauty of their roofs and will attribute their increased curb appeal to your expert services!

coating a wall with polyurea

Restoring Older Structures

Older buildings are much more susceptible to hidden damages and danger, making it essential for contractors to find the best level of protection from further degradation and risk. Ultimate Linings has the suitable materials and tools to deliver lasting protection for homes and businesses with roofs lacking protective coatings. A polyurea application can add years of life back to aging roof systems, providing a solid seal and industry-leading strength to keep everything working as expected.

aerial view of roofs

Roof Sealing

While the thought of sealing your roof may not be a top priority, it’s essential to keep in mind that this service can help to deliver a complete layer of protection, providing the best performance after years of exposure to high winds and heavy rain. Polyurea applications from Ultimate Linings focus on keeping the roof system protected from all angles, resulting in a longer-lasting product that will look better and provide the most economical value for customers.

Keep sun damage, water, wind, and pests at bay with the proper coatings from our experts!

coating a roof with polyurea

Personalized Results

No matter your needs, the team at Ultimate Linings is here to provide tailored solutions to ensure your business gets the most out of your investment. Ultimate Linings has the right materials and services to address a wide range of your needs. We’re confident that we can achieve the right outcome for your material needs, from mobile rigs to robotic systems.

Ready to see how effective and affordable it can be to invest in polyurea coatings from the Ultimate Linings team? Contact us online to learn more about our products and services, and be sure to fill out our form to discuss your professional needs. We look forward to working with you!

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