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Mobile Spray Trucks

Ultimate Linings provide superior coating systems, first-class technical support and customer service.

Mobile Polyurea Spray Rigs

Self-Contained Systems for Foam and Coatings Applications

Ultimate Linings provides customized mobile rigs and design services to help get the job done right in a transportable, cost-effective manner. We can create mobile spray foam rigs for box trucks, gooseneck trailers, or standard tow-along trailers, delivering lasting value and convenience. Let us help create the ideal workspace for your company with a mobile spray rig customized for your company’s situation.

Mobile Spray Truck

Customize Your Rig

From generators and compressors to hoses, proportioners, air dryers, barrel holders, and spray guns, we have the right equipment to fit every rig – maximize your space and rely on a system designed to deliver lasting value.

Ultimate Linings can create your mobile shore-powered spray foam rig, roofing equipment trailer, or foam and polyurea rig to match the unique needs of your business. Rely on Ultimate Linings to engineer the right tools for the job, including our equipment and materials.

Built solid to support equipment and materials

  • Double I-beam construction with support studs on 16-inch centers for added durability
  • Double-axle rated for 14,000 lb (6,356 kg) or 16,000 lb (7,257 kg) GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating)
  • Engineered to hold two or three sets of material, a generator, a compressor plus one or two proportioners
  • Rugged design handles extreme job environments

Customized Mobile Rig Systems

If your application requires on-site, spray-on polyurea coatings or polyurethane foam solutions, we’ve got you covered—with our fully customizable mobile rig systems. From pipelines and mine sites to marinas and bridges, Ultimate Linings helps protect your most valuable assets where they sit.

After learning about your project specifications and needs, our expert technicians will fabricate the ideal mobile unit to meet them. For industry-leading, high-quality solutions anytime — and anywhere — let the seasoned professionals at Ultimate Linings be your guide.

No matter your professional needs, Ultimate Linings is here to provide expertise and ongoing support to ensure you get the most out of your mobile rig. Contact us and fill out the form to get started. We look forward to working with you!

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Mobile Spray Rig interior tools

Boost productivity with a dual-proportioner layout in your mobile spray rig

Mobile Spray Rig generator

Air dryer keeps humidity levels down within the air supply system

Mobile Spray Rig machines

Rotary screw air compressor integrated with a generator saves valuable floor space

Mobile Spray Rig panel

Martech System provides grade D quality breathable air

Mobile Spray Rig handle

Your choice of Graco spray gun

Mobile Spray Rig drum

Color-coded drum restraints

Mobile Spray Rig interior

Inside a Mobile Rig
First aid kit

Mobile Spray Rig wiring

Hose hanger 410 ft (125 m) capacity

Mobile Spray Rig hose

Hose Hatch

Mobile Spray truck Rig

Box Truck

Mobile Spray Rig open

20 ft Tag Along Trailer

Mobile Spray Rig closed

28 ft Gooseneck Trailer