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Beyond The “Goo”: 3 Ways To Make Sure Your Coating Needs Are Satisfied

Ultimate Linings provide superior coating systems, first-class technical support and customer service.
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Beyond The “Goo”: 3 Ways To Make Sure Your Coating Needs Are Satisfied

At Ultimate Linings, we like to tell our customers: “It’s not just the goo.” By that we mean coating and protecting a product entail more than buying barrels of polyurea—the “goo”—and pulling the trigger on a spray gun.

And while our “goo” is formulated to deliver specific performance attributes to protect your product, it’s everything else that Ultimate Linings offers that adds considerable value to our coatings and chemistries and increased performance for your products and materials.

Value-add is a worn business cliche, but it’s a phrase that truly captures and defines our customer service. It’s also a competitive advantage Ultimate Linings takes seriously.

Below are three factors to consider—and questions to ask—to go beyond the “goo” when starting a business relationship with a polyurea supplier.

Ask about service and support.

Those 55-gallon barrels or 275 gallon totes of polyurea aren’t of any use if systems aren’t operating or performing inefficiently. You need to make sure expert service can respond within a few hours and is available to answer your calls 24/7.

With an average of 15 years of industry experience each, our field techs are located across the country to provide an unequalled level of support that keeps our customers’ applications systems and processes up and running. All Ultimate Linings’ field techs are master Graco-certified, too, so they are qualified to assess and service Graco high-pressure sprayers but are equally knowledgeable about robotic spray rigs and cartridge spray guns.

That service and support is available to any customer—from large OEs that apply multiple coatings to products and require plumbed-in tanks and hundreds of feet of piping running to multi-spray machines, to smaller companies that purchase a single drum of polyurea and hand-spray their products with mobile applicators.

Our field experience is in addition to Ultimate Linings’ 30 years of industry innovation and leadership, which includes in-house R&D and testing facilities. Field techs also take the lead in customer training and education, which invariably results in a long-term bond and partnership with customers.

Ask about testing.

Test and test. And test some more. That’s how to do it right.

Ultimate Linings is constantly innovating and always testing new polyurea formulations and new ways to apply them to customers’ products and materials. Our goal is to find the optimal coating solution for each and every customer, based on specific criteria they provide.

With the breadth of resources of our own testing and applications lab, we can spray customer product samples, verify the coating’s performance, re-test as needed, and only then finalize the chemistry that’s right for that customer.

If a supplier doesn’t offer exhaustive sample testing and continuous verification, they don’t pass the test.

Ask about accreditations.

Certifications matter in our industry.

We hold premier ISO certifications for our chemistry lab and data-testing standards (ISO17025), as well as for manufacturing quality excellence (ISO9001). Both establish Ultimate Linings as unique in the polyurea industry. In fact, no other polyurea manufacturer has qualified for ISO17025 certification.

Ultimate Linings has earned accreditation through the Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AAMP), which is focused on the protection of assets and performance of materials and provides certification for polyurea contractors, and the Polyurea Development Association (PDA), which establishes protocols and standards for polyurea applications and is the industry’s leading training and education resource.

Go beyond the “goo” and get better insights on the capabilities of your polyurea partner.