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Everything You Need To Know About Industrial Coatings For Trailers

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Everything You Need To Know About Industrial Coatings For Trailers

From ranchers who are working hard in the fields all day to truck drivers transporting goods across the nation, the use of trailers is widespread. These important hauling devices are utilized for moving everything from a recently felled tree to a hefty piece of equipment. From small, personal-use trailers to industrial applications, trailers undergo the rigors of both the road and the load they carry.

If you utilize trailers in your daily line of work, then you know how quickly they can deteriorate and corrode. From damages acquired on the road to wear and tear suffered from the items being carried, it is important to protect your trailer in any way possible. Here at Ultimate Linings, we offer products that are designed to help protect against the toughest of applications. Our industrial coatings are utilized in a wide range of industries. From marine applications to oil rigs, spray coatings do an excellent job of adding longevity to exposed materials.

For those who ask a lot of their trailers, investing in an industrial coating is a must. Check out the top ways you can implement polyurea coating systems to increase the longevity of any style of trailer. Reach out anytime to learn more about how our team can equip you with a personalized spray coating solution.


Whether you are driving a trailer a few miles down a dirt road or you are hauling goods across the country, the road itself exposes your trailer to an array of impacts. Adding a protective coating to your entire trailer can go a long way in ensuring it can handle the hazards of the road. A few common road hazards that can be mitigated through the use of a spray coating include the following:

  • Harmful chemicals: Particularly in cold climates where ice and snow are a concern, the road is often sprayed down with harmful chemicals. These chemicals can lead to the rapid corrosion of trailers. For those who drive long distances, hauling heavy loads, adding a layer of protection against chemical corrosion is a must.
  • Rocks and dirt: No matter where you go, rocks and dirt are a part of the road. These items can be kicked up at high speeds, scratching and wearing away at your trailer. For long-term durability, a polyurea coating system can protect your trailer from abrasion.
  • Rust Due To Weathering: From long, snowy winters to heavy spring storms, the weather you encounter on the road can start to eat away at your trailer. Adding a spray coating will help protect exposed metal from rust. This can ensure loads are secure and no damaging holes begin to form.


In some cases, it isn’t just the road that damages a trailer. In fact, when you have a tank trailer, the load you are carrying can be what exposes your trailer to damage. From hazardous liquids to harmful gasses, a tank trailer needs as much protection as it can possibly get.

The good news is that an industrial coating can be applied that protects against corrosion and abrasion. If you are operating any form of tank trailer, talk to our team about specialized solutions. A spray coating could help keep your fleet in operation longer with less maintenance required.


When you are moving heavy equipment, particularly over long distances, your trailer endures the worst of it. Not only do you need your trailer to be able to handle the weight of the load, but you also need the exposed metal to be protected against damages from the constant vibration and movement of the equipment you are carrying.

Adding a spray coating can ensure that even during loading and unloading, you are not scraping and damaging your trailer bed. A strong industrial coating is designed to handle abrasion and will keep gouging from occurring. This can be extremely beneficial as it keeps rust and other corrosion from forming where scraping has left areas exposed.


While ultimately, your trailer is utilized for practical purposes, you also want any equipment you own to look professional. Whether you are operating your own ranch or you have a whole fleet of trailers that haul equipment across the nation, a spray coating will give new life to the appearance of your tailers. In fact, industrial coatings can help improve the appearance of even old and grungy trailers.

Far better than investing in a simple paint job, a coating will leave your trailer looking brand new while protecting it against the wear and tear ahead. Traditional paint is easy to scratch and quickly becomes faded over years of exposure to the elements. Conversely, a coating endures through time, leaving your equipment looking much newer than it actually is.


Interested in adding a spray coating to your trailer? At Ultimate Linings, we are a proud member of the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) and the North American Trailer Dealers Association (NATDA). We have the experience and knowledge you need to find a specialized solution for your trailer. Whether you are looking to coat a couple trailers for your farm or you have an entire fleet of transportation equipment that needs attention, we will work to customize the right industrial coatings for your specific purpose. Reach out to learn more about implementing industrial coatings in your line of work.