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Industrial Coatings For The Military

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Industrial Coatings For The Military

The armed forces deserve the absolute best protection available. Ultimate Linings has taken this matter seriously by developing the toughest coating possible — PAXCON®. PAXCON was developed in order to provide lightweight protection against some of the most common battlefield dangers that are ever-present in modern warfare.

Read on to learn about some of the ways that PAXCON offers unprecedented protection for military personnel and materials. When you contact us to learn more about this revolutionary protective coating for personnel, vehicles, buildings, and more, we will happily work with you to integrate Ultimate Linings coatings into your materials and manufacturing. Check out the rest of our website to see how Ultimate Linings is the right choice for a large number of industries and applications. We are the premier provider of polyurea coatings for consumers and industrial/infrastructure uses because our products have been proven, time and time again, to provide better protection at a lower cost.


Developed specifically for military applications, PAXCON provides better protection for armored vests, vehicles, and other critical military resources. Trusted by The Association of the United States Army and the Defense Automotive Technologies Consortium, PAXCON is the first line of defense for service members who are serving their country in some of the most dangerous places on Earth.


When applied to armor plates, PAXCON helps create an extra layer of protection that slows and traps fragments from small arms fire and explosive shrapnel. Small arms fire and explosives are responsible for a large number of casualties in military actions, so any extra protection that we can provide for military personnel is important.

Application is fast and easy: PAXCON is sprayed onto ballistic plates, and it’s ready to be back out in the field after a short curing period. The low weight of the material is great for service members who are already carrying a lot of gear, often in parts of the world that are known for their high temperatures.


Military vehicles are expected to work in the most extreme conditions. From boiling heat to freezing cold, and under constant threat of attack, our military men and women need vehicles that can protect them from all of it.

PAXCON helps prevent scuffing, scratches, and corrosion, while also mitigating blast damage. It also creates a slip-proof surface for safe exits, entrances, and standing, all while reducing cabin temperatures. PAXCON’s low weight also prevents adding extra strain to the body or engine of military vehicles.


PAXCON was engineered to absorb and disperse the energy and shrapnel from bullets, rockets, mortars, grenades, and other weapons deployed against our armed forces. It has been shown to be incredibly effective at preventing or reducing injuries.


In addition to protecting ballistic plates and vehicles, PAXCON is a highly effective means of protecting vital buildings and vehicles from the spall and blast damage caused by explosions.

No matter what business you are in, Ultimate Linings can help keep your equipment or vehicles in better shape with one of our specialized polyurea protective coatings. Contact us now to learn more about our services and products.