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Polyurea Coatings For Your Boat

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Polyurea Coatings For Your Boat

The marine industry offers very unique challenges when it comes to keeping products, parts, and components running smoothly, especially your boat. At the hands of the seas, sun, salt, and normal wear-and-tear, your boat is susceptible to damage if it is not properly maintained. The longer your boat is used and in the water, the quicker it is likely to age and deteriorate. Cracks can begin to form and lead to leaks. Rust and corrosion can occur too, leading to deterioration, and any wood on the boat will eventually rot away.


In order to combat against corrosion and wear-and-tear, it is best to consider having a protective coating applied. These protective coatings will help to provide a safeguard against the undesirable degradation routinely suffered by boats and other marine equipment. At Ultimate Linings, we offer protective coating solutions for a variety of applications within numerous industries. In this blog, we are going to focus on reasons why you should consider applying a coating to your boat or marine machinery and equipment.


For boats, corrosion is an ongoing problem to worry about. Corrosion not only can lead to rusting, but it can also cause the material to deteriorate, causing costly damages and repairs. Polyurea coatings create a watertight barrier between the boat and the corrosive saltwater and other elements in the water.


Protective coatings offer extremely hydrophobicity, or water resistance, and long-term protection for your vessel. The added protective barrier will help prevent water from creating any damage. These spray-on coatings can get into all of those the cracks and crevasses to form a watertight seal and prevent any more leaks from happening.


Once a protective boat coating is applied, it becomes hydrophobic, or water resistant. This will help reduce the surface tension of surfaces allowing oil, bird droppings, fish blood, and other contaminants to be easily and quickly washed away.


With polyurea coatings, your boat will be better protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays. This means the color will never fade, even if your vessel is in direct sunlight. This way, your boat can sustain a “new” look and appeal with minimal maintenance.


Spray-on polyurea coatings also offer boats protection against fouling on the hull caused by the accumulation of algae, shells, and other marine life. While it will still grow and attach, it can be easily cleaned off with little effort. This is great for boat owners who keep their vessel in the water. When applied to the hull, the protective coating will reduce drag and surface tension, creating higher speeds at cruising RPM’s and providing better fuel efficiency as a result. Think about it; the savings in fuel could potentially pay for a coating depending on how many miles your vessel travels each year.


Weight is important for boats — too much of it and your boat may drag and decrease fuel efficiency. However, with our light spray-on coatings, you do not have to worry much about additional weight being added to your ship. Not only is the protective coating light, but it’s flexible, too. This means it can expand with the boat’s material in those sweltering days and contract in the cold nights and frigid water temperatures.


Not only do our boat coatings protect your vessel from the harsh elements, but it adds extra protection against scratches, dents, dings, and other damage. Any damage to the coating can be quickly and easily remedied.

Adding a spray-on polyurea coating to your boat or marine vessel can be extremely beneficial. If you are interested in learning more about how our spray coatings can protect your boat against the harshest elements of the water, contact us today!