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UL Coatings Are Perfect For Safeguarding Your Job Site

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UL Coatings Are Perfect For Safeguarding Your Job Site

When it comes to operating a safe job site, there are countless things that take place daily to help ensure everyone is working smoothly and to prevent hazards from putting anyone in danger. From the way you train new staff to strict policies on certain procedures, a lot of thought and energy goes into mitigating risk.

One method that can be utilized for ensuring a safer workplace is the implementation of polyurea coatings. These coatings can be applied to almost any surface to create a safer and improved work area. From the floors of your warehouse to rungs of a ladder, polyurea coatings have a vast array of application options.

Prevent The Dangers of Slips and Falls

No matter what industry you are working within, slips and falls are a major danger. From workers carrying goods across a warehouse floor to techs climbing ladders to service machinery, there is a constant risk for slipping and falling. Protecting the safety of your employees is a must. One method you can utilize to help cut down on slipping hazards is investing in polyurea coatings for your company’s flooring, decks, and other materials.

Unlike many polyurethane coatings that become extremely slick and dangerous when wet, our polyurea coatings are actually designed to provide a slip-resistant surface. The end result is a more durable surface that is also safer.

Common locations to add a protective coating to help prevent falling at your job site include the following:

  • Decks: Loading docks and other decks throughout your job site can pose potential slipping hazards. This is particularly true of decks that are exposed to the elements. By adding a protective coating you can help your staff keep their footing while going about their job.
  • Ladders: Adding a polyurea coating to the rungs of your ladders can help your employees keep both a better footing and a better grip. This goes a long way in ensuring safety during ladder use.
  • Warehouse Floors: Whether you operate a small business or a massive warehouse, adding polyurea to the flooring can help keep everyone safe. The anti-slip technology can even handle exposure to liquids without becoming a worsened hazard.
  • Stairways: Climbing up and down stairs can easily lead to falls. By adding a protective coating to your stairways, you can help provide better traction on these slip-prone areas.

The options for adding protective coatings are nearly endless. If there is an area at your job site that is particularly slick, consider implementing this outstanding technology.

Protect Against Erosion For Smoother Surfaces

Slick surfaces are just one reason why people might fall on the job. Another leading cause of falls is due to uneven surfaces. This is particularly true when your employees are required to move heavy items around a floor space. Over time, concrete and other surfaces can begin to erode, leaving cracks, gaps, and tripping hazards galore. This can make it easy for a foot to catch and your employees to trip while working.

Adding a polyurea coating can help ensure that your flooring remains smooth and even. The coating will act as a barrier that protects against many of the leading causes of erosion. For example, an industrial coating can help ensure that concrete is not penetrated by water, which can lead to weaknesses in the material over time. A coating can also protect against chemical corrosion, which makes it a great fit for work sites where chemical exposure is a concern.

Ensure Railing And Metal Objects Remain Safe

Throughout your job site, there are countless metal objects that, when smooth, pose no real hazard. However, when the metal begins to corrode and breakdown, the surface area can become rough and sharp edges can begin to form. These sharp and partially corroded portions of metal can become a serious risk to employees. This is particularly true if the metal that is corroding is meant to be a safety device, such as railing and another object that is grasped by an unprotected hand.

The good news is that polyurea coatings are extremely simple to apply and can be added to almost any item. From stairway railings to metal toolboxes, adding a protective layer of coating can ensure that these items do not corrode. Whether they are exposed to the elements, chemicals, or another abrasive material, a polyurea coating will act as an impenetrable barrier.

How Can We Help

If you are trying to create a safer workplace for your employees, we are here to help. At IXS Coatings, we work with an array of industries to ensure safety on the job site. From coating entire warehouse floors to adding a protective layer to toolboxes and other often-used items, we can help you keep exposed materials guarded against corrosion and abrasion.

Our process for helping you is simple.

  1. You reach out to our team. At this point, we will get to know you and your business’ specific needs.
  2. We brainstorm a solution. Whether we implement a tried and true method that we have utilized in an array of settings or we come up with something entirely unique for your specific situation, we will work with you to put together the ideal coating solution.
  3. We get to work. After you approve our plans, we will get to work creating the right coating for your needs. Application is simple and the coating will simply be sprayed onto the object in question.
  4. You enjoy improved safety and protection. Once your coating has been applied, that’s it. You get to enjoy the safety and protection the polyurea coating offers with little to no maintenance needs on your part.

Contact us today to learn more about adding a protective coating to your job site.