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Ultimate Linings provide superior coating systems, first-class technical support and customer service.
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Good looks are more than skin deep when you protect the trailers you manufacture with a spray-on polyurea coating from Ultimate Linings. Our custom formulations provide the optimal combination of durability and aesthetics. They’re tough, appealing, and up to nearly any challenge. Think Liam Neeson in Taken.


First, the “tough” part.

Trailers work hard, exposed daily to the rigors of extreme weather and road hazards. A polyurea coating from Ultimate Linings adds a durable, protective barrier that stands up to severe, over-the-road challenges, including harsh road salt and chemicals that can quickly corrode metals; rocks and dirt that, over time, can abrasively eat away at your trailer and create long-term safety issues; and everyday weather factors like rain, snow and ice that can turn exposed metal into rust. Multiple times more durable than paint, polyurea fights the elements to extend the value of your trailers and protect them for the long haul.

Ultimate Linings. Trailer Coatings For Manufacturing

What about “good looks”?

Polyurea excels at resisting scrapes and scratches, keeping trailers looking five-star and professional, which is a point of pride for your fleet-owning customers. On new trailers, adding a polyurea coating right “out of the box” keeps your equipment looking sharp and new. On older equipment, even trailers that have seen their fair share of road miles, a spray coating offers renewed life and a nearly like-new appearance.

Ultimate Linings Trailers - Good Looks.


Ultimate Linings’ polyurea is fast curing and tack-free in minutes, too, so it can be applied quickly and smoothly to trailer beds, rails, and structural components. Polyurea also adapts to virtually any surface or shape, ensuring comprehensive coverage. Trailers can be fitted out, inventoried, shipped or put into use within minutes of application, cutting downtime to no time at all.


Need a slip-resistant surface?

Our tailored-to-you formulations offer extra safety and durability when you need it. We’re expert at customizing the right protective polyurea coating for your specific applications and challenges, including developing custom colors and textures that not only look outstanding, but reduce routine maintenance needs and costs. Our diverse selection of polyurea systems also includes fire-resistance formulations, topcoats, and primers.

Textured Slip Resistant

Your customers will even hear the difference a polyurea coating can make on their trailer fleet as it reduces on-road vibrations and annoying rattles for a quieter, less stressful ride.

With our innovative polyurea technology and leadership in customer service and support, we’re 100% committed to helping trailer manufacturers build the absolute best products for their customers. Our goal is to partner and provide you with the tools, technology and products to apply top-tier protective coatings in-house. Cargo, tanker, flatbed, low-boy, automotive, boat and utility trailers … whatever your equipment, we have the coating solution. See how Ultimate Linings—an ISO 9001-certified manufacturer with an ISO 17025-cerified laboratory—can develop a custom coating for your trailers.


Visit us at the NATM Convention & Trade Show, Booth #526, February 12-15, at the South Point Hotel Casino in Las Vegas.


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