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Don’t waste an opportunity to protect your trucks and equipment  against damage from corrosion and impacts.  

Ultimate Linings provide superior coating systems, first-class technical support and customer service.
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Don’t waste an opportunity to protect your trucks and equipment  against damage from corrosion and impacts.  

Trucks, machinery, and equipment in the waste-management and recycling industry take a beating. Day in and day out, they’re subject to assault from impacts, abrasions, and exposure to hazardous chemicals and spills, all of which take their toll on these expensive assets.  

You can safeguard them from the harshest conditions with the Ultimate solution—a durable and protective polyurea coating from Ultimate Linings.  


Our innovative, spray-on coatings meet the specific challenges of waste management, providing a cost-effective solution that keeps your operations running smoothly and sustainably. Your equipment will last longer, perform more reliably, and require fewer repairs, which means significantly reduced downtime and a higher ROI. 


Where can a polyurea coating benefit your waste vehicles? Think of strong corrosion- and impact-resistance for your trucks’ cab shields and roofs, bumpers, and fuel tanks. Then, think of all the routine maintenance that you can either stop performing periodically or greatly reduce, and all the cost savings that come with it.  


Our cutting-edge polyurea technologies are highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including acids, alkalis, solvents, and oils. They also feature high tensile strength to withstand abrasion and impacts. Bottom line: A polyurea coating can increase the operational longevity of vehicles, even those working in the toughest environments—and, by any measure, waste management is the definition of a tough environment. 


What about polyurea’s application in extending the life and performance of waste-industry equipment? Polyurea’s advantages can be applied to a range of industry-specific equipment and machines, providing a protective layer that shields against the hazards of the working environment and whatever waste is being shredded, conveyed, compacted, recycled or buried. 


  • For shredders and grinders, polyurea extends equipment life and maximizes performance levels, ensuring continuous and efficient shredding. 
  • For conveyors, polyurea ensures smooth, uninterrupted flow of materials and prolongs service life. 
  • For earth-moving equipment, polyurea offers a durable, flexible coating that withstands extreme conditions. Polyurea’s inherent flexibility allows it to expand and contract with the equipment, adapting to environmental changes without compromising its integrity. 
  • For heavy vehicle guards and components, polyurea shields against wear and tear, ensuring operating efficiency and reducing replacement frequency.
  • For chutes and compactors, polyurea prevents material build-up, facilitates easy cleaning, and resists hard impacts. 
  • For waste containers, polyurea provides a seamless, leak-proof barrier against harsh chemicals, which not only maintains the integrity of the containers, but contributes to a cleaner, safer waste-management environment. 

Polyurea-waste-applications-by-ultimate-liningsPolyurea coatings can be applied quickly and efficiently. They also cure rapidly, often in seconds, minimizing equipment downtime, so your waste-management operations can resume promptly without prolonged interruptions. 

Besides benefiting from the outright performance advantages of a polyurea coating, partnering with Ultimate Linings is a smart business decision, too: 


  • Ultimate Linings is ISO 9001-certified and boasts an exclusive R&D testing lab that’s ISO 17025-certified, which eliminates the need for additional testing by you or a third-party organization.  
  • Ultimate Linings offers ongoing customer training and education, and provides comprehensive technical support, ranging from initial chemical formulation to product application to service long after your process is up and running. 
  • Ultimate Linings’ paramount goal is to ensure a high-quality application every time and to deliver the promised product results you demand.  


Embrace the strength of Ultimate Linings to shield your vehicles and equipment and watch as your operations become more reliable and productive. Not leveraging all the benefits of polyurea would be … a waste. 

Visit us at WasteExpo, Booth #2881, on May 7-9, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  

We’ll be showcasing our range of polyurea formulations, including UV-stable, thin-film coatings and robust, thick-film polyurea that protects against high levels of abrasion and chemical spills.