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What are Geotextiles?

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What are Geotextiles?

Ultimate Linings offers a variety of services and products that protect your facility from damage. One of these products is our presprayed geotextiles, which contain chemical leaks and spills. But what are geotextiles, and how can you use them to make your job site resistant to accidents? This blog will address questions you may have about geotextiles, and how you can get them for your business.


What Are Geotextiles?

Geotextiles are a synthetic textile produced from polypropylene. This material is permeable, and is a commonly used filtration material. Geotextiles are primarily used to filter water, increase soil stability, and control erosion.

Since geotextiles are synthetic, they do not decay through biological and chemical processes. They can also be specially produced for a number of applications. This can range from reinforcement for gravel driveways to supporting other civil construction systems like dams.

What Are the Types of Geotextiles?

There are three main types of geotextiles that are most commonly manufactured and used. These are: woven geotextiles, non-woven geotextiles, and knitted geotextiles.

Woven geotextiles are manufactured by interlocking strips of fabric. This provides strength and stability for any project that needs it. Woven geotextiles are nearly impermeable and can endure a large amount of tension, which makes them ideal for separation and reinforcement.

Non-woven geotextiles are made with either continuous filament yarn or short-staple fibers. These geotextiles are primarily used for protection and filtration on roads, railroads, landfills, and other civil and environmental projects.

Knitted geotextiles are made by interlocking loops of yarn together. This method of manufacturing geotextiles is mainly used for reinforcement and protection.


What Do You Use Geotextiles For?

As mentioned, geotextiles have many different applications and purposes depending on the type used. Geotextiles are mainly used for separation, filtration, reinforcement, sealing, and protection.

When a geotextile is used for separation, that means it is being used to keep materials apart that do not belong together. This is commonly done with different kinds of soil, and to keep things out of soil that do not need to be there.

Filtration is used to allow water to move through a system while preventing fine aggregates from doing the same. Geotextiles are used as a solution for drainage issues in homes, businesses, and along roads.

Geotextiles used for reinforcement do so by helping to stabilize soil, restrain movement, and support roads that have to bear heavy loads. Geotextiles also offer support by making up for changes in bearing failure planes, and allowing for structures to be built on poorly graded soil.

Geotextiles and Polyurea for Secondary Containment

The current trend in secondary containment construction is placing geotextiles in the containment area and spraying a protective coating to provide seamless coverage over the geotextiles. The coating most often used is a polyurea spray coating. Compared to other systems, this system offers enhanced flexibility, rapid application, and cure speed for quick seaming. Assembly is fast and easy because of this method’s ability to conform to various shapes and existing structures, such as pipes and tanks.

Another application method is the robotic application of geotextiles at a factory to be shipped to the containment job site. This process minimizes labor and waste, utilizing pre-sprayed rolls in a cost-effective solution for secondary containment needs. And because the geotextile rolls are pre-spray, installation at the site is quick and efficient.

Polyurea provides chemical resistance to contain oil, drilling fluids, and reagents used in oil and gas exploration. Superior chemical, leak, and spill containment to resist the impact of equipment and tools without leaking and provide excellent cut-tear resistance. Stress cracking is not a factor with polyurea products.


Ultimate Lining is a world-leading supplier of polyurea coating used to strengthen geotextiles.  We have helped thousands of companies set up the correct application for them. We work across multiple industries improving our customers’ products and extending their equipment investment life. Talk to us, and let’s see if we can help your company.