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Why Utilize Industrial Coatings For The Marine Industry

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Why Utilize Industrial Coatings For The Marine Industry

Whether you are a weekend boater or you operate a full-scale marina, anyone who spends time along the waterfront understands how quickly things can corrode and deteriorate in the marine setting. Water itself is highly corrosive and can eat away at materials. Add into the mix salt when you are by the ocean, and the process is even quicker. Regardless of where your marine location is, nature will take its toll on every exposed item.

At Ultimate Linings, one of the many applications that our industrial coatings are utilized for is the marine setting. Our coatings are engineered to hold up to even the harshness of water life. From protecting your sea vessel from rust to ensuring safety devices are properly water-proofed, we offer the ultimate spray coatings for the marine industry. Read on to learn more about the variety of ways you can utilize industrial coatings in these water-soaked settings and reach out at any point to learn more from our team about customizing industrial coatings for your particular needs.


If there is one thing every boat owner has in common, it is a desire to spend less time and money on boat maintenance and upkeep. Let’s face it, you rely on your boat for a great deal. You need it to be able to hold up against the rigors of the water and the last thing you want is to spring a leak in the middle of a massive lake. Whether you are simply enjoying a day on the lake in your small fishing boat or you are operating a whole fleet of commercial watercraft, you need to know that your water vessels are reliable and well-maintained.

Unfortunately, due to the corrosive nature of water, it is easy for rust to begin to take its toll on your boat. If you are tired of repairing rusted out sections of your watercraft, an industrial coating is the ideal solution. Our coatings are easy to apply. They simply spray on and adapt to almost any material. They are particularly beneficial for exposed metal.

Once an industrial coating has been applied, your boat will be protected against corrosion. Not only that, but adding a coating to your water vessel will make it look brand new, without requiring an expensive or tedious paint job. Keep your boat rust free with a protective coating.


The marine industry is comprised of far more than just the watercraft in which we travel. In order to keep everyone on the water safe, there are countless floating devices that act as signs and indications of water depth, no wake zones, and more. However, many of these devices, such as the classic red buoy floating in the sea, undergo a large amount of wear and tear. The water isn’t easy on these items and a simple paint job might not do enough to protect them adequately from corrosion and abrasion.

By applying an industrial coating to buoys and other flotation devices, you can ensure their longevity. Our coatings are ASTM-tested and Coast Guard approved. We have a special chemical composition that meets rigorous federal standards for water absorption and oil resistance. With easy application, our seamless, elastomeric polyurea coatings are an ideal fit for safety and flotation devices.


Beyond just watercraft and other floating devices, any marina or wharf has an array of materials that are exposed to the damages of water. Every dock and wharf is constantly battered by the corrosive nature of the elements. This can lead to the degradation of structural integrity at marinas, which is a safety hazard and a potentially costly repair issue.
The good news is that an industrial coating can be quickly and effectively applied to wharfs and marinas. This will help keep the area safe, as well as providing a face lift for your marina. If you have noticed the signs of corrosion and weathering on your marina, it is a good time to consider the addition of a water-tight seal via industrial coatings.


If you own a property on a lake or other waterfront location, you probably have a dock that leads out to the water. Perhaps this is where you store your boat or spend your evenings casting a line into the water. Whatever the case, the decking on this area can quickly corrode and can be extremely slick during inclement weather.

Adding a protective coating to your home’s waterfront decks is a great way to improve safety and the longevity of the materials. The coating can be quickly sprayed onto the surface, with incredible end results. The deck will look brand new and will now be sealed against water and abrasion.


Whether you operate a busy marina or you are simply looking for an improved corrosion-resistant solution for your personal watercraft, we can help. Here at Ultimate Linings, we offer unique industrial coating solutions that help to protect materials from the toll water can take. When you contact our team, we will begin by getting to know what your specific application needs are. From there, we will work to find the ideal coating for your situation. If we don’t already have something designed specifically for what you need, we will work to create the right solution. Once we have paired you with the right industrial coating, the last step will be application. Our coatings are sprayed on, which makes them extremely adaptive to any size, shape, or material. Reach out today to learn more about utilizing industrial coatings in marine settings.