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Why You Should Trust Ultimate Linings For The Best Oil And Gas Tank Coatings

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Why You Should Trust Ultimate Linings For The Best Oil And Gas Tank Coatings

When it comes to the oil and gas industry, every piece of equipment that you utilize is extremely valuable and needs to operate reliably. Not only is your equipment a necessary component for smooth operations, but it is also something you invested a large amount of money into. For this reason, you want to ensure that your assets are protected against harm. Some of the largest and most important pieces of equipment found on any oil and gas site are tanks. Utilized for storing products and keeping operations moving, you rely on oil and gas tanks for uninterrupted service day in and day out.

Here at IXS Coatings, we provide industrial coatings that act as a protectant for tanks in the oil and gas industry. We recognize how vital these tanks are to your daily operation and to your ability to turn a profit. Rather than spending large dollar amounts on replacement of tanks or on constant maintenance, you can invest in industrial coatings to protect your tanks from anything the field can throw their way.

Check out why you should not only invest in industrial coatings for your oil and gas tanks but also why you should also ensure that those coatings are designed by our team at IXS Coatings.


When it comes to a coating for your oil and gas tanks, you need to know it is extremely high-quality. Tanks are exposed to an array of corrosive materials and over time, this can take its toll. The last thing you want to do is spend money on industrial coatings only to have them fail you in a few months time.

Here at IXS Coatings, we believe in upholding a strict standard for quality. That is why we only work with the top manufacturers in the industry. We have paired with the trusted names of LINE-X Protective Coatings and Ultimate Linings to offer you the best the industry provides. These industrial coatings are carefully designed by top engineers and the end result is a product you can rely on. We believe in never cutting corners when it comes to serving our clients, which is why we opted to work with teams that feel the same way. Together, we have earned a big reputation as the top choice for tank coatings. To us and our manufacturers, quality is a non-negotiable standard.


Let’s face it. The oil and gas industry throws some of the worst at the equipment utilized. There are numerous highly corrosive chemicals that your tanks will be exposed to. Not only will they often contain caustic materials, but the outside of your tanks is also attacked by the elements. Water itself is an extremely corrosive chemical and can leave your tanks weakened and in danger of failure.

Ensure that you avoid unexpected shutdowns by protecting your tanks from the damages of corrosion. Our coatings will create a water-tight seal that ensures the material beneath is out of harm’s way.


From the normal abrasion of dirt and grime to the rough nature of the job at hand, any time an object rubs against your oil and gas tanks, there is a risk for serious damage. By adding a strong IXS Coating to your tanks, you can guard against abrasion.

The polyurea and polyurethane coatings that we create are extremely durable and capable of withstanding a large amount of wear and tear. This means that your tanks will go unscathed throughout daily operations. The end result is far less maintenance for your team and a longer period of time between tank replacement.



You don’t have time for lengthy solutions that involve a ton of work. You need a solution that is quick, easy to install, and lasts for a long time. Our industrial coatings simply spray over your existing tank. The coating cures rapidly and leaves you with a seamless protective layer. Because our coatings are fast-cure, you do not need to interrupt your operations for days on end, waiting for the installation process to finalize.


Lastly, when choosing an industrial coating for your oil and gas tanks, you don’t want to work with a company who simply ships you a product without consulting with you first. You should only work with a team who will take a customized approach to the process. After all, no two projects are exactly alike and your specific needs are going to be different than say an oil and gas company in another part of the country. From the weather your tanks face to the way your team operates, we want to get to know the specifics of the project before making a suggestion on the solution.

Once we understand exactly what your needs are, we will go from there on creating the right product for you. In many cases, we have seen a situation similar to yours and have a solution on hand that will be the ideal fit in. In specialty situations, our engineers will get to work designing a unique answer for your company. Regardless, you can rest assured that we will always take a custom approach with our clients.

Ready to invest in an industrial coating for your oil and gas tanks? Reach out to our team today to learn more about how IXS Coatings can provide you with the very best the industry has to offer.