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Why Your Oil & Gas Service Company Needs Polyurea Coatings

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Why Your Oil & Gas Service Company Needs Polyurea Coatings

Oil and gas service companies are the backbone of the oil industry. They serve in all steps of the process of bringing oil and gas for human consumption, from extraction to the oil refinery process and on to the products you and I enjoy. It’s safe to say that without them, energy prices would be high indeed.

Ultimate Linings offers the best polyurea protective coatings for your oil and gas service business’s needs, whether you are in coiled tubing, wireline, or a water hauler. The process of taking crude oil out of the ground and getting it to a refinery and then even transporting from a refinery to either the gas pump or somewhere else for it to be used, such as power companies or a plastic company is long, arduous, and definitely takes its toll on your machinery at all states of the process. Below, we’ll go over some reasons why your oil field service company needs polyurea coatings. Contact us to get started today!



People who are unfamiliar about the oil field may have a notion that everyone swims in “black gold.” The fact of the matter is that being in the oil field services industry is not exactly easy. First, there’s an extremely high barrier to entry because oil field equipment runs into the thousands of dollars for one piece of machinery, and if you hope to be able to do more than one job at a time, you’ll need more than one piece of machinery. Second, like all machines, oil field equipment has to be constantly maintained and safety checked in order to keep it up and running. Since oil field work is done in remote locations, you’ll have to haul your equipment over highways, dirt roads, rocky roads, bumps, streams, over cattle guards, up a mountain, in a valley, and wherever else the oil lies. This means lots of potential for scratches, bumps, dings, and outright bangs to occur. When you invest in polyurea coatings with Ultimate Linings, you can rest assured that your oil field equipment will be protected during transport, meaning your investment will be protected as well.


Like with any machinery, many different kinds of lubricants, oil, water, and chemicals may be required in order to ensure the optimal operation of the equipment. From lubricating parts to using fracking fluids and water during a fracking operation, you need to ensure that both your transportation equipment and your oil field service equipment are protected from accidental spills and the fluids themselves in your devices. By investing in polyurea protective coatings offered by Ultimate Linings, you can rest assured that your oil field service equipment will be protected from chemicals, water, oil, grease, and more.


If you’ve ever taken a road trip through oil country, such as Texas, Oklahoma, or North Dakota, chances are, you saw pump jacks operating in the fields in the distance. These pieces of oil field service equipment may have appeared rusted as you drove by, having sat out in the elements for most of their working lives. You can bet they didn’t have a polyurea coating!

If you are involved in the drilling process, you know that an oil rig stands out in the elements and is thus vulnerable to corrosion. Other pieces of machinery are exposed on an oil field service job site as well, such as oil tanks, Christmas trees, wellheads, pipes, and more. By coating these in polyurea protective coatings from Ultimate Linings, you can rest assured that your expensive oil field equipment is taken care of.


While accidents are rare on oil field job sites, they do occur, and explosions can happen. This is from the nature of dealing with oil and gas, which are flammable substances. One wrong misstep, and the entire crew could be in jeopardy, which is why safety and training are so extensive in the oil field services industry. Our polyurea coatings are fire-resistant, being ASTM E-84 Class 1 Fire Rated. By having your oil field service equipment coated by Ultimate Linings, you can rest assured that you will be adding in another safety measure to ward off the danger and the possibilities of a fire while on the job site.


Your mother probably told you when you were young to dress in layers. While at the time you may have thought this burdensome, you were most definitely warmer playing outside in the late fall raking leaves or with your friends in the snow building snowmen.

Your mother was watching out for you, and polyurea protective coatings by Ultimate Linings can do the same for your oil field service company’s equipment. Even if you don’t think your oil field equipment will need it, or your equipment is only sitting outside for a few weeks, you’d be surprised what can crop up. Your job may be delayed so that same oil equipment may be outside longer, or an errant monsoon season could hit and your oil equipment is doused in water for days on end. It’s always best to plan for the worst and hope for the best, and in the oil field business, you understand this mentality better than most.


Ultimate Linings prides itself on offering the best polyurea spray coatings to the oil and gas industry, as well as others. We are a company that was born from LINE-X and Ultimate Linings United, bringing together the best of the best into one company in order to bring our customers the best of the best. Our mission is to be your go-to for protective coatings, offering superior value and protection, minimizing downtime of equipment, promoting longevity of equipment, and offering peace of mind while doing so. Our spray-on polyurea coatings resist corrosion, fire, floods, fungus, and more. We offer unparalleled customer service and support. Best of all, our protective coatings work. Contact us to get started today!