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Visit Ultimate Linings at NTEA’s Work Truck Week, Booth #6008, March 6-8, at the Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN.

Ultimate Linings provide superior coating systems, first-class technical support and customer service.
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Visit Ultimate Linings at NTEA’s Work Truck Week, Booth #6008, March 6-8, at the Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN.

Add greater value to work and utility trucks—protect them with a polyurea coating.

There’s an easy and cost-effective way for OEMs to add significant value to their commercial service and utility vehicles and work trucks: Apply a durable, high-performance polyurea coating from Ultimate Linings.

Our custom-formulated, spray-on polyurea creates a watertight bond that provides seamless protection for the lifespan of the vehicle, fighting corrosion, impacts and harsh chemicals on hard-used surfaces like work and cargo beds, interior floors, bumpers, and skid plates.

UL polyurea coatings are suitable for Enclosed utility bodies and workshop vehicles

A lifespan of protection? Yes. Now that’s really saying something in today’s world of planned obsolescence and often questionable, aftermarket build quality.

Smart investment

Polyurea is one of the smartest investments commercial vehicle OEMs can make in their trucks and equipment.

Our coatings protect against scrapes, dents, rust and corrosion; help to keep cargo from slipping and shifting in place; and provide a durable, slip-resistant surface for improved worker safety. When working outdoors in inclement weather, such a surface is indispensable for on-the-job safety and increased confidence when performing challenging, sometimes dangerous tasks.

A polyurea coating is easy to clean and improves the professional appearance of vehicles, mirroring the pride your customers take in maintaining their fleet to utmost quality levels. It can also increase the resale value of those vehicles and equipment by reducing the wear and tear imposed by everyday work.

Our wide range of polyurea coatings is easy to apply, cures in seconds for minimal downtime, and is eco-friendly (no VOCs) for a safer work environment.

What commercial vehicles do you build? Ultimate Linings can help them last longer in the field.


  • Utility and service bodies—polyurea provides a tough, protective layer
  • Enclosed utility bodies and workshop vehicles—if durability and cleanliness are key, polyurea is the coating for your application
  • Van linings and emergency response vehicles—protection and hygiene matter, and polyurea deliver these benefits and more
  • SWAT/police and MOD vehicles—added resilience and security come with the turf, so make polyurea a value-added feature of your vehicles

Partner with Ultimate Linings

As an approved and trusted supplier of polyurea coatings for top OEMs, Ultimate Linings offers the ASTM-certified protection you need. We’re committed to innovation, quality and customer service. By partnering with Ultimate Linings, OEMs can be assured that their vehicles are equipped with the best polyurea coatings on the market.

When it takes a truck to get the job done, make sure that truck is protected from the bumps and bruises of daily work. Invest in a polyurea coating. It’s worth every penny. See how Ultimate Linings—an ISO 9001-certified manufacturer with an ISO 17025-cerified laboratory—can develop a custom coating for your commercial vehicles.

Visit us at NTEA’s Work Truck Week, Booth #6008, March 6-8, at the Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN.

Certifications and Technical Expertise


At Ultimate Linings, we’re proud of our ISO 17025 and ISO 9001 certifications, reflecting our dedication to quality and consistency. Our technical support is unmatched in the industry and include:

  • Customized solutions tailored to your needs
  • On-site support from our experienced technical staff to ensure optimal application and performance
  • 24/7 technical assistance, so you have expert help whenever you need it