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technician applying polyurea to factory roof

Hybrid Polyurea Coatings

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Hybrid Polyurea Coatings

Ultimate Linings
Hybrid Polyurea Coatings by Ultimate Linings

Ultimate Linings hybrid polyurea formulations are fast-curing, impact-resistant, and very versatile.

Much like UL pure polyurea formulations, our hybrid materials are utilized across many industry sectors, including EPS hard-coating, truck-bed, and van cargo lining and metal fabrication.

The benefits of Hybrid Polyurea include:




Fast-cure dries in seconds


Anti-scratch and tear-resistant


Watertight seal


Sound dampening qualities


Skid-resistant finish


Aromatic and Aliphatic (UV Color Stable) formulations

High-pressure Hybrid Polyurea Systems

Most Ultimate Linings hybrid polyurea coatings are applied via high-pressure machines, such as the Graco Reactor 3 proportioner. These systems are suited to high-volume and continuous coating applications. Typical high-pressure hybrid polyurea applications include truck and van manufacturers, Hard-coating film-set and theme-park sculptures, Tail-lift coatings, and ballistic spall coatings.

High-pressure Hybrid Polyurea Systems

Low-pressure Hybrid Polyurea Systems

The Ultimate Linings portfolio of hybrid polyureas includes roll-applied, castable, and cartridge-based systems. Apart from the cartridge system, low-pressure coatings are generally formulated to suit applications that require slower gel times. The longer dry times allow the hybrid polyurea to be evenly applied to large surface areas via pouring or rolling.

Cartridge systems are more suited to lower volume applications. The cartridge system benefits from the faster drying time, less equipment, and lower investment than the high-pressure systems. A great example would be a vehicle repair shop that would like to offer a bed liner service utilizing a cartridge-based system. In contrast, a vehicle manufacturer would require a high-pressure machine to cope with the continuous application of bed liners.

using a Low-pressure Hybrid Polyurea System on a wall

Aliphatic Hybrid Polyurea Systems

Ultimate Linings have a range of Aliphatic hybrid formulations. Aliphatic polyurea is ideal for one-coat applications where UV color stability and gloss retention are necessary. UL aliphatic polyureas are applied in a single coat, multi-pass application, and dries within 30-45 seconds; no top-coat required.


Fire Rated Hybrid Polyurea Systems

In certain situations, like construction, fire-rated coatings are a must. Ultimate Linings formulate FR Hybrid Polyureas that meet ASTM D2898 Method C, E-162 Class A, and E-84 Class A test criteria. Our FR Hybrid Polyureas have been utilized on power poles, armored tanks, dog kennels, etc.

Industrial Coatings being applied to a pipeline

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