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Advanced Polyurea Coatings For Commercial Vehicle OEMs

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Commercial Vehicles

Durable Solutions for Specialty Vehicles

Ultimate Linings delivers high-performance protective coatings and spray-on bedliners, specifically designed for the Commercial Vehicle OEM and fleet sectors. Our expertise spans various vehicle types, including utility vehicles, work trucks, and emergency response units, ensuring they withstand harsh conditions and daily wear.


Example of Coatings for Utility Bodies

Advanced Polyurea Coatings For Commercial Vehicle OEMs

Why Choose Us: A Leader in Protective Solutions

Our reputation in the OEM protective coatings and spray-on bedliner market is built on reliable products, innovative solutions, superior technical support and responsive customer service. We’ve formed strong relationships with Commercial Vehicle OEMs, making us a trusted partner for spray-on protective coatings.

Innovative Approach and Dedicated Support

Our success is driven by:

R&D Excellence: Our team is committed to exploring the latest advancements in polyurea technology, ensuring our products set industry standards.

Technical Service: Our field technical service team provides hands-on support, from application techniques to troubleshooting.

Strategic Partnerships: We collaborate with leaders like BASF, DOW, Huntsman, and others, integrating cutting-edge technology into our products.


We’re proud of our ISO 17025 and ISO 9001 certifications, reflecting our dedication to quality and consistency.


Our technical support is unmatched, offering:

1. Customized solutions tailored to your needs.

2. On-site support from our experienced technical staff ensures optimal application and performance.

3. 24/7 technical assistance, ensuring you have help whenever you need it.

Product Features Tailored for the Automotive Industry

eco-friendlyEco-Friendly Solutions:

Our products are made with no VOCs, promoting a safer work environment.


Rapid Cure Times:

Minimize downtime with coatings that set within seconds



Offering robust protection against the most demanding conditions.


Enhanced Protection:

Offering sound reduction, vibration control, and superior impact resistance.

Versatile Applications:

Our polyurea coatings are versatile, suitable for:

UL polyurea coatings are suitable for Utility and service bodies

Utility and service bodies, providing a tough, protective layer.

UL polyurea coatings are suitable for Enclosed utility bodies and workshop vehicles

Enclosed utility bodies and workshop vehicles, where durability and cleanliness are key.

UL polyurea coatings are suitable for Van linings and emergency

Van linings and emergency response vehicles, where protection and hygiene matter.

UL polyurea coatings are suitable for SWAT_Police and MOD

SWAT/Police and MOD vehicles require added resilience and security.

Ultimate Linings

Key Benefits

Choosing Ultimate Linings means:

Enhanced vehicle longevity through superior damage resistance.

Easy maintenance with coatings that are simple to clean.

Improved vehicle hygiene, with antimicrobial options available.

Comprehensive protection against corrosion, scratches, and impacts.

A watertight finish that ensures the integrity of your vehicle’s interior.

Ultimate_Linings__Coatings_For_Commercial Vehicle OEMs

Partner with Ultimate Linings:

Ultimate Linings is your ideal partner when seeking top quality protective solutions. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer support ensures that your vehicles are equipped with the best polyurea coatings on the market. Let’s collaborate to enhance the durability and performance of your fleet.

Get Started: Work with the premier and approved Commercial Vehicle OEM partner. For more information and to discuss your specific needs

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