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Ultimate Linings Polyurea Coatings for Concrete

Discover the unparalleled durability and versatility of Ultimate Linings Polyurea Coatings for Concrete, a leading solution in protective coatings. Engineered for excellence, our polyurea coatings provide a robust barrier against the most challenging conditions, ensuring long-lasting protection for a wide range of concrete applications. From sealing concrete water tanks to creating resilient roofing membranes, repairing cracks, enhancing traffic decks, and serving as a dependable underlayment system, Ultimate Linings has a tailored solution to meet your specific needs. Explore our diverse systems and unlock the potential of your concrete surfaces with the superior performance of polyurea coatings.

Tank Lining System

Concrete Tank Lining System 

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UL-_Green-Roof Membrane walkway installation

Roof Membrane

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Ultimate Linings Waterproofing on Traffic Deck

Traffic Decks

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UL Underlayment being installed on corporate exterior walkway


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cu-500cr concrete repair on concrete walk

Concrete Crack Repair

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