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TRIED AND TESTED: Finding the optimal coating solution for you

Ultimate Linings provide superior coating systems, first-class technical support and customer service.
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TRIED AND TESTED: Finding the optimal coating solution for you


Our single, most important goal at Ultimate Linings is to ensure that we provide our customers with the greatest opportunity for success when it comes to the performance, reliability and longevity of their products. Finding the right solution in a polyurea coating and its application for a customer’s products and materials is fundamental to that goal.

That means educating customers on our coatings chemistries and application systems and developing best practices and long-term partnerships.

And that all starts early on, with critical, repeatable, in-depth testing to best match an Ultimate Linings’ coating to the product and its intended use and desired outcomes in high-wear, high-impact, often weather-vulnerable environments.

In-house lab, outstanding capabilities.

When you can offer customers the resources of an in-house applications lab that’s outfitted with temperature-controlled, humidity-adjustable spray booths, seven spraying machines and a soon-to-be-installed robotic sprayer system, finding the right solution becomes a model of precision and efficiency.

In the new 6,000 sq. ft. Ultimate Linings lab in Nashville, TN, we rigorously test various coatings’ formulations based on customer input and criteria, spray samples of their materials to gauge a coating’s effectiveness, and then return these samples so they can verify that our coating will perform exactly as we say it will. It’s all about understanding how Ultimate Linings’ products react in different temperatures and humidity levels. Because we can replicate nearly any environment, we can often accelerate research by a full year.

We regularly repeat the testing and verification processes to develop the optimum and often custom chemistry that will perform to a customer’s expectations and do so within their specified economic needs.


Performance benchmark.

That high level of testing proficiency in developing specific coating formulations has resulted in Ultimate Linings becoming an industry standard in a range of essential applications, including the military, fire apparatus and utility vehicles and equipment, and others, where standing up to hard abuse and abrasion day in and day out without failure is paramount.

The unique chemistry and properties of polyurea, with its innate flexibility and elongation characteristics and UV stability, make it an ideal solution over extremely hard but brittle powder coating and other hard-coat epoxy treatments that can often corrode, chip and ultimately fail—an undesirable outcome in protective coatings designed for armored vehicles, military infrastructure, and first-responder vehicles and equipment.

Customer training.

After testing determines the ideal polyurea formulation, the Ultimate Linings’ field service team trains customers on the application process at their facilities, remains constantly in contact with them, and responds quickly to any challenges or issues that may arise.

Ultimate Linings field techs offer a collective 200+ years of experience in polyurea, its application and in polyurea-dedicated spray equipment—from integrated robotic application systems to high-pressure sprayer-reactors, to hand-held low-pressure cartridge systems.

With over 30 years of polyurea experience, our in-house R&D and testing facilities give us the unique capability to customize the ideal solution for a specific need. From testing to training to making sure an application system is up and running and all unforeseen needs are always satisfied, Ultimate Linings is all about getting it right.